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If you think that the only to get rid of wrinkles is through surgery, needles and pain then think again.

Our partner has been at the forefront of skin care for over 30 years and its award winning products go far beyond simply tackling the visible signs of ageing – they now tackle the very sources of ageing.
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30 years ago they pioneered a range of skin care containing ‘all of the good ingredients and none of the bad’ and this range is still one of the best for anyone who wants a simple, pure and effective skin care range.

They then pioneered many of the innovations in anti-ageing skin care which have often been followed by prestige skin care brands.

dna-1370603787LgYBut recently they took a huge leap forward creating the next generation of skin care – yet to be replicated by any other brand.  Think about this – the skin of a 60 year old person is no older than when they were 16, because skin constantly replenishes itself. So why such a difference?

In early years the skin is produced to the instruction of youthful skin genes.  Those skin genes start to retire during the 20s and 30s and a second set of genes take over but these genes don’t do quite such a good job.

This behavior is called epigenetics and it is the focus of massive research – from top universities to Google –  looking for drugs which will provide the  answer to youth and health. But the biggest influence on gene behavior is lifestyle and nutrition.  Good nutrients can be put into skin products that reactivate those youthful skin genes and the difference is clear and unique. The idea is simple but the execution is incredibly difficult which is why no other company has anything similar.


Taking this science to the next level (because we are all different) it’s possible for you to now design your own personal skin product. Something not provided by any other skin care company

Complimenting these cutting-edge products we provide the most beautiful range of Ethno-Botanical products based on the wisdom of thousands of years.
How about home spa devices that can create a visible difference to your skin in just a few minutes? It’s the perfect prelude to using our unique range of high quality cosmetics.
These are  skin care products and cosmetics like no other. To find out more complete a contact form and we can send you a catalogue which will give you the full picture.