live younger… longer


Doctors will tell you that the starting point for a long and healthy life is good nutrition and exercise. We know that should eat at least nine portions of fruit or veg a day and have a perfectly balanced diet – but how many of us actually achieve it?

Scientists and health professionals now believe that cell damage caused by ‘free radicals’ is a major factor in ageing and many major diseases, including Alzheimer’s and cancer. Fruit and vegetables provide us with the antioxidants that are essential in fighting ‘free radicals’.

It’s now possible with an antioxidant scanner, to measure the level of carotenoid antioxidant protection you have in your skin. This is a valuable indication of your overall nutritional health and how you are ageing on the inside. Contact us and we can tell you how to get a simple non-invasive scan on your hand to check your antioxidant levels.

The company we partner with is the only one to provide multivitamin supplements that come with  a money-back performance guarantee.

Next generation supplements are now based on epigenetic research and go to the very source of age related decline, enabling significant improvements in mental acuity, stamina and libido.

The same science used in the most advanced  body shaping programe helps to reduce body fat whilst restoring muscle mass towards more youthful levels and raising metabolism – putting an end to yo-yo dieting

These high quality supplements were the official licensed product of the US Olympic Committee 2002-2004 and the South African Blue Bulls rugby team.

For an introduction to these unique supplements look at the second half of the Product Catalogue.